Not So Bed is the ideal solution, which specialises in finding accommodation for film, television and theatre productions, as well as for business meetings, conferences, private parties, celebrations and a myriad of live events.

If you need temporary or long-term accommodation for VIPs, film crew, staff and clients, or need assistance in finding the best accommodation while location scouting, we avail ourselves of a wide network of hotels, private properties and transport services, which will meet your needs within any budget range.

The hotel services we provide are completely tailored to suit the needs of  corporate organizations and production teams in order to reduce costs, simplify and save on national and international travel,  and facilitate the search for suitable accommodations.

If you need a budget location for any event or an inexpensive hotel in Italy or abroad, look no further! Not So Bed has a network of contacts and the right experience to help you arrange the perfect event whilst saving time, resources and money, and above all the (hotel) accommodation services provided are completely FREE OF CHARGE!